Sharon Wheeler BoneWork Class in Milan 17-21 May 2018

In 2018 Sharon Wheeler will be back in Milan and she’ll teach the BoneWork class from 17th to 21st May 2018.

This time Sharon will unveil the secrets of the BONES. You’ll learn how to heal bad recovered fractures and how to change “strange” bone-to-bone relationship. During this class, there are going to be plenty of work exchanges and Sharon will go from table to table letting each of the students feel the quality of touch needed to obtain change in the bones. This class is also a great opportunity to effect those part of our bodies that seemed to be reluctant to change so far.

Naturally we’ll have “real” models with broken bones to work on. If you don’t feel like attending the class but you’d like to get a glimpse of this work, you can participate as a model – contact me with an email in this case.

Attending to the class will deliver the full potential and all the techniques you’ll learn will naturally flow into your daily practice.

The number of seats is limited and registrations will be managed in the order of arrival. Attached you can find additional information on BoneWork, on the class and on the registration procedure. Please read the latter carefully in case you’d like to apply.

You can find the REGISTRATION FORM HERE. Feel free to contact me for any additional queries.

BoneWork according to Sharon’s own words:

“This class is for those who love adventure and discovering and exploring new territories. It will profoundly expand your knowledge of what is possible and give you a whole new level of understanding for the practice of integrating of human structures.”
To see Sharon in action in a BoneWork class see the video below.

Sharon Wheeler while teaching in Milan her ScarWork class. Oct 2017